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Who Is the US in Trust Transit? accent

A few years ago,

a group of folks got together and started the Greener Burger Restaurant in Rome, Georgia. We won awards and our customers were consistently impressed with our food and our service. Our chef introduced us to Restaurant Depot, where we could save money shopping for our supplies, finding the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Week after week we made the trip from Rome to one of the Restaurant Depot locations in the state of Georgia. At first it was fun, but before long it became a necessary chore.

We learned a lot of things along the way, and one of these was that we weren’t cut out for the restaurant business. But we saw that our energies and experience could be channeled to provide a needed service to other restaurants.

We learned how food supplies are crucial. The heart of any restaurant is the ingredients of the unique dishes that make people walk through the door again and again. Restaurant operators are under constant pressure to ensure that the right supplies are available at the right time. Purchasing through large purveyors is costly and mistakes are hard to fix.

We understand what should go right and what can go wrong with food purchasing

Many independent restaurant owners love the savings and selection at Restaurant Depot, but their expanding business soon prevents them from doing their own shopping there. Repeated trips to the store eat up precious time that a manager should use to oversee employees and complete the multitude of daily details involved in running a successful eating establishment. But Restaurant Depot doesn’t deliver, so what other choice is there but to call the big purveyors? Here is a niche where we could excel.

We gathered a team of people with unique talents who appreciate the old fashioned values of simplicity and hard work. Trust Transit’s management team includes former restaurant operators who understand what should go right and what can go wrong with food purchasing. Our team also includes members with expertise in shipping, database creation and multi-million-dollar-project management. Their combined experience means that our Trust Transit team can become an extension of your eyes and hands to select quality produce and meats and transport them safely to your storeroom when you need them, so you can to focus your attention where it is needed most: running your restaurant.

Why Trust US accent

Trust Transit is a new company with old-time values.

Our goal is to earn your trust by dependable, white-glove service while caring for your food products as if they were our own. We cover the greater Atlanta area, thus ensuring that your selected order arrives the next day.

We realize how cautious a restaurant owner must be to trust the heart of their restaurant to a new company. So what is Trust Transit doing that would make you decide to use us?

We don’t expect you to trust us because we say you should. Actions speak louder than words. Try us. Then see if you’ll trust us. We’re confident you will.

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